• Sierra Garcia

    is an interdisciplinary marine scientist and environmental writer with a focus on oceans, climate, and communities. Her work has appeared in publications serving a wide range of audiences, including Grist, JSTOR Daily, the Oxford Climate Review, and Estuary News. She was a 2022-2023 Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellow in Honduras and is a National Geographic Explorer.

Seeding Citizen Scientists

Billy Krimmel decided to sow tens of thousands of native seeds around Davis and do everything wrong. Everything wrong, at least, by the standards of the profess... Read more.
The houses behind this sidewalk in Pacifica, California are often sprayed by waves during high tide or surf. Photo: Sierra Garcia.

Retreat By Any Other Name

“Retreat can conjure failure, and nobody wants to be managed,” explained the study’s lead author Amanda Stolz at the California Social Coast Forum this Ma... Read more.