Find your local reporter…

KneeDeep has reporters who live in or near your county, and who are familiar with your local issues and concerns. Feel free to reach out to them with your story ideas. 

In some counties, we are looking for new reporters to fill gaps! And you don’t have to be a reporter to help us tell the stories that are important to you. We’re also developing a network of community correspondents – students, activists, community leaders, grandmothers who want to share their stories on a regular basis or who can be our person on the ground in your county.

Bay Area Counties Where We’re Looking for Locals:
Marin County
Napa County
Santa Clara County
Sacramento County

*Also currently covering Marin County

Contra Costa County

Lead Reporter
Daniel McGlynn, Richmond

Solano County 

Lead Reporter
Aleta George, Suisun City

Sonoma County

Lead Reporter
* Nate Seltenrich, Petaluma

Community Correspondent
Jacoba Charles, Petaluma

San Francisco County

Lead Reporter
Ariel Rubissow Okamoto, San Francisco

Community Correspondent
Emily Harwitz, San Francisco

Alameda County

Lead Reporter
Janet Byron, El Cerrito

San Mateo County

Lead Reporter
Cariad Hayes Thronson, San Mateo

Santa Cruz County

Lead Reporter
Sierra Garcia, Santa Cruz 

Community Correspondent
Kim Hickok, Felton

Mendocino County

Lead Reporter
* Isabella Eclipse, Point Arena

Southern California

Lead Reporters
Maylin Tu, Los Angeles
Eilana Perez, San Diego