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Institutional Purchasing Power Directed To Good Food

Bay Area schools, hospitals and other institutions are taking a close look at their food procurement practices to balance the needs of their communities and the environment. A new roadmap provides them with a values-based framework.

Growing a Rainbow in the Urban Dirt

Debbie Harris directs Urban Adamah, a Jewish urban farm in Northwest Berkeley. She is a farmer by trade but her role at Urban Adamah requires her to be “a horticulturalist, a plumber, a therapist, a teacher, an organizer.”

Food Forests Green Solano

This spring, Sustainable Solano hosted open gardens that they helped plan and plant, offering visitors a chance to discover these food forests: a garden layered like a natural forest that includes fruit-bearing trees and edible plants.

Is Weed Greener Indoors or Out?

Although cannabis has a reputation as an environmentally-friendly plant, indoor cannabis cultivation demands significant energy to maintain precise light and temperature requirements. Last year, Colorado State researchers published the first study on the topic.

Mama Wanda Sows Resilience

After a career of school administration and community engagement, Wanda Stewart saw firsthand how schools can be a central space for activating people.