acorns grow new oaks

We welcome republication of our reporting from outside media groups and sites, in particular other public-interest or Bay Area based outlets. Please adhere to the following guidelines when republishing our work.

General Guidelines for Republication

1. You must give us credit, ideally in this format: “By Sierra Garcia, KneeDeep Times.”

2. If you publish online, you must include the links from the story, and a link to

3. It’s fine to change the story to suit your in-house style (for example, using “Burlingame, CA” instead of just “Burlingame.”)

4. If you make changes that are more significant than style tweaks — such as adding a comment from a local official — you need to include a note like this: “Additional reporting by Daisy Choi.”

5. You can publish our photos and graphics with the stories with which they originally appeared (be sure to include photo and artist credits). For any other uses, you must seek explicit written permission from us first.

6. When possible, include the following: The KneeDeep Times is a not-for-profit digital magazine reporting on climate resilience and adaptation, with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding regions.

7. If you share the story on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, please mention or tag @KneeDeepTimes.

8. There is no charge for republication.

9. Don’t sell the story.

If you have a question about any republication guidelines, please ask [email protected] before proceeding.

Additional Multimedia Guidelines

You can’t change video or audio packages in any way (included shortening) without receiving clear written approval from our editors. If you’ve been given approval to shorten our multimedia content, please provide a verbal or visual courtsey credit — verbal: i.e. “Original story/reporting from partners at the KneeDeep Times.” For visual credit, include in text ‘KneeDeep Times’ on-screen.

Original multimedia assets and files are available upon request from [email protected].

Top photo: Oak acorns by Robin Meadows.

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