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Five Threats in Five Places

Coastal erosion in Pacifica, drought in Brentwood, fires in the North Bay, flooding in Union City, and urban heat in San Jose. Anissa Foster takes us on a revealing virtual tour.

Why Napa Planners Nixed a New Gas Station

In April, a developer proposed a new gas station near a busy intersection in the City of Napa. But thanks to footwork of high schoolers, citizens and elected leaders Napa County and a growing number of North Bay cities have set zero-emissions goals for 2030, and declared a climate emergency. As a result, the new gas station was a no-go.

A Quest for Clean Air

It’s July 30th at the San Francisco Exploratorium and three teams of 10 to 15 adventurers, ranging from ages 9 to about 50, are assembled to participate in a live-action role-playing event unlike anything most had experienced before.

Mama Wanda Sows Resilience

After a career of school administration and community engagement, Wanda Stewart saw firsthand how schools can be a central space for activating people.

Behind the Scenes in Game Design

KneeDeep interviewed Marcy Brown, master of “Death by a Thousand Breaths,” about what went into her thinking in designing a 90-minute, live action role-playing Dungeons and Dragons game called Cerulean Port City.