• Anissa Foster

    is a master’s student at Stanford University, studying Oceans, Atmosphere and Climate. Growing up in underprivileged parts of the Bay Area and witnessing how the effects of climate change are felt disproportionately, she has devoted her career to the fulcrum of climate change, from the injection of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere to the indigenous communities struggling to save their sacred lands from rising tides and scorching heat. Anissa has worked for the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, and the Stanford Severe Weather and Climate Lab.

Climate change is impacting communities differently around the Bay Area. Explore how communities are adapting to coastal erosion, drought, fires, flooding, and heat.

Five Threats in Five Places

Coastal erosion in Pacifica, drought in Brentwood, fires in the North Bay, flooding in Union City, and urban heat in San Jose. Anissa Foster takes us on a revea... Read more.