Five Threats in Five Places

by | Apr 19, 2023

Climate change isn’t some future worry for other people in other places, it’s already here in our San Francisco Bay Area backyards. Many residents and local businesses have already suffered from fire, floods, drought, and displacement; many are actively fighting to develop resilience before it’s too late.

In this video, student journalists Anissa and Maya Foster take you on a virtual tour through five impacted Bay Area communities, covering coastal erosion in Pacifica, drought in Brentwood, fires in the North Bay, the flooding of toxic sites in Union City, and urban heat in San Jose — as well as how locals are working to adapt.

Five Threats in Five Places was produced by Anissa Foster, a master’s student at Stanford University, and her sister Maya, a high school junior from the Bay Area. Special thanks to Ariel Rubissow Okamoto, Liz Juvera, Irma Zepeda-Perez, Amber Manfree, Josie Miclat, Julia Dowell, Michelle Powell, Kip Harkness, Suki Hoagland, and Dave Hernandez.