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Five Threats in Five Places

Coastal erosion in Pacifica, drought in Brentwood, fires in the North Bay, flooding in Union City, and urban heat in San Jose. Anissa Foster takes us on a revealing virtual tour.

Coast Leaders Talk Graceful Withdrawal

In two brief audio interviews, KneeDeep Times asks the Coastal Conservancy’s Amy Hutzel and the Coastal Commission’s Mary Matella for their perspective on planned withdrawal from sea level rise and the crumbling coast.

Fighting Wildfire with Cultural Fire

Melinda Adams talks about wildfire and cultural fire, an indigenous stewardship practice where you can actually “see the healing that happens afterward.” Adams is a Ph.D candidate at UC Davis.

Red Meat Has Big Hoofprints

Red meat has a big carbon footprint. Yet American dietary guidelines recommend lots of it! How much do you eat? Even dialing it back a little can boost your climate resilience.

Dream V Reality

What you thought would happen…
What actually happened? A reflection on resilience.