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Residentes del Canal Vadean en la Ciencia Cuidadana

Residentes del canal vadean en la ciencia cuidadana.







Hot Feet for
Antarctic Penguins?

Created by Vrinda Manglik for the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition



Residentes del Canal Vadean en la Ciencia Cuidadana

Residentes del canal vadean en la ciencia cuidadana.

Canal Residents Wade into Citizen Science

Organizers of the bilingual King Tide Day/Día de las Mareas Reales along the San Rafael Canal on February 10 hoped witnessing the highest tides of the year could help make the area’s vulnerability to sea level rise more real to residents.

More Training Academies Percolating

Shoreline residents from San Francisco and Contra Costa counties could soon be better equipped to influence local planning decisions.

Fresh Lessons from Farm to School Cafeteria

Everyday Climate Champions Podcast

A Fix for Old Drains, Old Trees with New Rainfall

To get storm resilient, a stretch of El Camino Real in San Mateo may lose hundreds of historic eucalyptus trees.

San Mateo Antes Up for Flood-Free Future

When San Mateo Creek topped its banks during last winter’s relentless winter storms, Danielle Cwirko-Godycki’s home became one of thousands in the city to flood.

A Landscape Made to Flood in Sonoma

Tall oaks with submerged trunks are sure signs that the land is “flooded.” While for some areas that might be a negative, for Laguna de Santa Rosa it’s not only positive but protective.

Tweaking Climate Talk So It Hits Home 

Climate change messaging often falls short, dwelling on too much science, favoring the dark side. Researcher Richelle Tanner is exploring what could help.

Wheat Fields or Walkable City for Solano Open Space?

A proposal for a 17,500-acre new sustainable city in Solano County’s rolling hills has locals worrying and dreaming. County voters will likely embrace or reject the resulting “East Solano Homes, Jobs, and Clean Energy Initiative” in November 2024.

Isolated Town Forges Resilience on Mendocino Coast

After experiencing wildfire, flooding, power outages, and even a snowstorm in the last three years, Point Arena residents are taking climate preparedness into their own hands.

Beach Loss Looms for the California Coast

Even though Dan Hoover’s been surveying the same stretch of San Francisco’s Pacific coast for 15 years on his ATV, it never looks the same. In summer it’s wider and in winter narrower. With El Niño the beach will erode more than ever.

Working and Playing in the Coastal Zone

KneeDeep profiles Arye Janoff and Bekah Lane. Janoff surfs and manages coastal dredging and restoration projects for the Army Corps; Lane monitors whales for the Marine Mammal Center. Climate change is their newest challenge.

Caption Contest, Win a Prize!

Share your idea for a thought bubble or caption to go with this cartoon. 11 good books as prizes.

Marsh Mice Come in Two Flavors

Scientists discover why the Bay Area’s two populations of endangered salt marsh harvest mice differ, and it’s partly due to sea level change.

Corps Experiments with Sediment Feed from Shallows

Can tides and waves move sediment placed in the shallows onto wetlands? The Army Corps is experimenting with how to do it.

What could this person be thinking? Sample KneeDeep

Calling all creative minds and big picture thinkers.

Climate Adaptation: The Basics

Resilient sweet potatoes and stilts on houses remind us how adaptable human beings can be. This graphic guide samples our earliest and most recent history of adaptation.

Institutional Purchasing Power Directed To Good Food

Bay Area schools, hospitals and other institutions are taking a close look at their food procurement practices to balance the needs of their communities and the environment. A new roadmap provides them with a values-based framework.

Art Tells a Deeper Story

Year-end story round up highlighting how art deepens stories about climate action.

Inspiring Cases of Leading by Example

Year-end story round up profiling noteworthy leaders who do more than talk the climate action talk, but also walk the talk.