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Suisun City Pumps Up Resiliency

Suisun City has been exploring ways to increase its resiliency to sea level rise and storm surges, including updating infrastructure, building an ecotone levee, and holding a resiliency workshop.

Valley Cities Beat Back the Heat

In the capital region and Silicon Valley, two cities have been experimenting with cooler roofs, walls and leafy canopies. Turns out cooling measures in one spot help those downwind.

Napa Bets on Bikes for Students

What’s flat, covered in pavement, and unsafe for cyclists? Most Bay Area cities. But a Napa coalition recently published “Safe Routes to School” reports for 31 schools in the county. The routes also offer a healthier alternative to back seat commutes to class.

Sinking and Sharing a New Well

A new well will allow the North Marin Water District to transition away from aging wells situated where high tides (and rising sea level) can cause increased salinity in tap water.