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Plumbing our emotions… Without human connection, all the engineering, technology and money in the world can’t save us.


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Canal Residents Wade into Citizen Science

Organizers of the bilingual King Tide Day/Día de las Mareas Reales along the San Rafael Canal on February 10 hoped witnessing the highest tides of the year could help make the area’s vulnerability to sea level rise more real to residents.

Working and Playing in the Coastal Zone

KneeDeep profiles Arye Janoff and Bekah Lane. Janoff surfs and manages coastal dredging and restoration projects for the Army Corps; Lane monitors whales for the Marine Mammal Center. Climate change is their newest challenge.

Climate Adaptation: The Basics

Resilient sweet potatoes and stilts on houses remind us how adaptable human beings can be. This graphic guide samples our earliest and most recent history of adaptation.