Adriana in Los Angeles

Adriana Pera, Los Angeles

Quilt Square #8

One thing I’ve noticed my nieghborhood in East Los Angeles has mastered is the art of the “Hot Garden.” In Eagle Rock, it seems that every other property displays careful assortments of prickly cacti nestled in warm, earthy colored rock beds. Curations of these vibrant perennials will likely captivate the eyes of the passersby while also serving a larger need: Californian water efficiency. Dry gardens are environmentally sustainable while conducive to a modern aesthetic that gives life and style to the entrance of one’s home. To achieve such an attractive living environment requires as much research of one’s surroundings as it does artistry in arrangement. In the age of COVID-19, an opportunity to express creativity in one’s own garden may come as a welcome activity, with an added bonus of combating drought in our state.

collage of succulent plant photos