Alyson, San Francisco

Quilt Square #20

I have owned this stainless steel water bottle for almost a decade and it continues to serve me just as well as when I first purchased it. After using many reusable plastic water bottles, I noticed that they often had a funky aftertaste due to the accumulation of mold or bacteria. I primarily wanted a long term hydration solution that didn’t collect residue as easily. Around 10 years ago, different health and environmentally conscious water bottle brands were gaining in popularity and I was motivated to do some research on drinking bottle options. I eventually opted to upgrade my plastic bottles to a single stainless steel water bottle due to its durability, longevity, and resistance to odors, flavors, and chemical absorption. Though more energy-intensive to create and a higher price point initially, stainless steel bottles are 100% recyclable and won’t leak toxic chemicals back into the earth or water. This bottle has gone with me to many places throughout the US and on various trips as well. Along the way, I’ve decorated it with different stickers to remind me of my journeys and I am pleased knowing that this early investment could both help me stay hydrated and environmentally responsible.

Photo by Alyson

photo of water bottle with stickers by Alyson Wong