Emily, Skyline High School, Oakland

Quilt Square #22

From the warmest of days to the fisherman’s hook.

From the vastest of oceans to the tiniest brook.

From fire to water to air and to waste.

You sit there and watch as the Earth is defaced.

Rivers of tears can’t refill the banks.

A hundred good options, yet you keep drawing blanks.

Gaea will cast us to Khaos’ depths.

We stand on the threshold yet ignore the deaths.

But we are not ants who just march in a line.

We cannot just stand here and let ourselves brine.

Tilt your thick head to the left or the right.

Blind yourself under a sun that’s too bright.

The future won’t wait, and neither will time.

We have not a while till we drown in the grime.

It came from our actions, a consequence grand.

So we must band together and restore the land.

Poster Art Clement Wall

These quilt works come from teacher Conor Carroll‘s 2023 chemistry classes at Skyline High School.

Art Courtesy Creative Action Network

poster of rise up with sun and birds from creative action network