What 3 Things Do You Keep under Your Bed?

Ariel Okamoto, San Francisco

Quilt Square #2

If you saw the Bay Bridge collapse in 1989, or watched Clark Gable mince through 1906 rubble in the movie San Francisco, or dived under your desk during school drills, you might be as prepared as I am for an earthquake.

We live on solid rock not bay fill.

We live on the top floor not the bottom.

We have five bottles of water, a day pack full of old clothes, and an Ikea bag full of bungee cords and tarps in case we need emergency shelter.

But what struck me most in all the preparedness training I heard was one thing – what if you can’t get out the door? What if you’re barefoot on the broken glass? What if there is no cell reception?

What 3 things do I keep under my bed?

  • A crowbar
  • Hiking boots & socks
  • A hand crank radio