forest fire art by high school student

Ian, Max & Genevieve, Skyline High School, Oakland

Quilt Square #25

How can we prevent forest fires? Some ways include giving national parks and forest reservations more fire service professionals, as well as regular inspections of drier areas. But there are many other ways for everyone to take action in the prevention of forest fires. For example, checking the weather and chance of fires on a weather app is a great place to start, along with taking the proper precautions while camping. If you choose to have a campfire, make sure that the fire is fully extinguished before leaving it alone. Fires should also be started away from any dry or easily flammable substances. 

Being mindful while driving is also very important. While car exhaust is not a main cause of wildfire, sometimes when the ground is very dry, the combination of heat, dryness from the vegetation, and car exhaust can easily start fires. However, as long as we remain aware of our surroundings and what we are doing in fire-prone areas, it should help prevent the start of massive forest fires.

These quilt works come from teacher Conor Carroll‘s 2023 chemistry classes at Skyline High School.