Everyday Climate Champions Podcast

Quilt Square #23

Although surrounded by farmland, many students at Pajaro Valley High School in the rural town of Watsonville lack access to fresh produce. The Farm 2 School Cafeteria program partners with Esperanza Community Farms and the Nine Organic Farms co-op to expose local youth to sustainable farming and provide healthy lunches. In this 15-minute podcast episode, learn how this program is giving students a hands-on lesson on climate and food justice.

These quilt squares feature republished episodes from the Everyday Climate Champions podcast produced by the Climate Reality Bay Area chapter, a citizen storytelling partner for KneeDeep. All podcasts include transcripts and follow up links.

Photo: Karla Leyva, Jesus Basulto, and Alma Leonor-Sanchez (left to right)

photo of students in cafeteria