Leilany M., Skyline High School, Oakland

Quilt Square #24

My favorite local park is Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park. This park helps me feel closer to nature because of its structure and all the living things within the park. It has been sort of a family gem for some years, sort of like a family tradition. It makes me feel at home. It is the perfect place for a picnic or a barbeque, which my family has hosted plenty.

I love this park because it has a very pure energy and aura. Coming to this park has helped me clear my mind and bring me to peace. I love that the park has multiple areas such as a playground for the younger kids, hiking trails, big grass areas, designated picnic areas, etc. The land that houses this amazing park is 1,833 acres. The nature and wildlife in the park are BEAUTIFUL. I’m not much of a hiking person but this park has a chokehold on me. It is home to a great forest of coast redwood as well as evergreens, chaparral, and grasslands. The park contains rare living wildlife such as the golden eagle and the Alameda striped racer. The other wildlife that you’d expect to see within the park are deers, squirrels, rabbits, etc. 

I do believe that climate change will affect the park. The trees living in the park can be damaged by wildfire, extreme heat, drought, & pests and diseases. Wildfire can become uncontrollable and move into surrounding neighborhoods. Extreme heat can create new ecosystems that can house unhealthy pests and harmful/deadly diseases. A drought can increase the risk of wildfires and also the wildlife will have to find new homes. Climate change affects everything, even when you think it doesn’t. 

These quilt works come from teacher Conor Carroll‘s 2023 chemistry classes at Skyline High School.

Photo by Leilany M.

photo of redwood trees by Leilany M.