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Feathered Flames

Among the more well-known causes of wildfire — lightning, volcanic activity, neglected cigarettes, gender reveal parties gone awry — there remains a less notorious culprit: electrocuted birds.

Is Weed Greener Indoors or Out?

Although cannabis has a reputation as an environmentally-friendly plant, indoor cannabis cultivation demands significant energy to maintain precise light and temperature requirements. Last year, Colorado State researchers published the first study on the topic.

Muggy Days, Sleepless Nights

Climate modeling has shown that the extreme heat events in the state’s future will be accompanied by more humidity, making it hard for coastal residents, unaccustomed to heat, to chill.

Napa Bets on Bikes for Students

What’s flat, covered in pavement, and unsafe for cyclists? Most Bay Area cities. But a Napa coalition recently published “Safe Routes to School” reports for 31 schools in the county. The routes also offer a healthier alternative to back seat commutes to class.

Sinking and Sharing a New Well

A new well will allow the North Marin Water District to transition away from aging wells situated where high tides (and rising sea level) can cause increased salinity in tap water.

Putting out Fires is Just the Beginning

The lingering effects of wildfires on ecosystems and communities are varied, but one of least understood is the effect on water quality. Conversations around post-wildfire water quality management are producing new insights for monitoring programs across the state.

Mama Wanda Sows Resilience

After a career of school administration and community engagement, Wanda Stewart saw firsthand how schools can be a central space for activating people.

Seeding Citizen Scientists

Billy Krimmel decided to sow tens of thousands of native seeds around Davis and do everything wrong. Everything wrong, at least, by the standards of the professional landscapers.