Jacob, Skyline High School, Oakland

Quilt Square #26

Sea level rise is becoming more and more of a problem everyday. Marina Park in San Leandro is surrounded by a lot of water. I like to jog around there sometimes, take a walk, or even work from my laptop there. If sea level rise takes up the whole park then not just me, but a lot of people and families won’t be able to go there. You won’t be able to go either. It’s a very big park with a lot of grass and nature. There is also a lot of free space to do fun things like skateboarding or a BBQ. We all need to step up and stop the causes of sea level rise! The main problem is climate change. You see, climate change is heating up the world and making things like ice glaciers melt. That water from the ice melting fills into our ocean and is just gonna keep making it rise.

These quilt works come from teacher Conor Carrolls 2023 chemistry classes at Skyline High School.

Photo by Jacob I.

picture of water and rip rap at Marina Park