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A Day On The Bayview’s Shifting Shore

I set out for Heron’s Head Park on an early March morning. To my surprise, I had never heard of, nor visited, this site on the southeastern bayshore in my 20-plus years growing up and living as a visual artist in San Francisco.

Portola Garden District Returns to Its Roots

Down a busy street overflowing with groceries, taquerias, Chinese medicine shops, and small businesses, an unassuming dead end is home to a thriving community garden, which also got greener during the pandemic.

Marin City Solves For Self

The historically underserved community of Marin City has struggled with inadequate infrastructure, as a result of poor city planning and a lack of resources. Now, on the frontlines of extreme weather events, the community is finding their own ways to handle the climate forces of today.

Realmente Inundado: Observaciones de Las Mareas Más Altas

Los automóviles que ingresaban a la rampa de la autopista en Mill Valley zumbaban a través de cientos de metros de agua salada hasta los tobillos. Junto a la pista del Aeropuerto Internacional de San Francisco, el agua de la bahía brotaba hasta la carretera desde un desagüe pluvial.

Suisun City Is No Island

Suisun City has always had the waterfront and nearby wetlands at its heart but it won’t be long before the entire area is vulnerable to flooding from sea level rise.