Meatless & Happy

Ally Daly, Berkeley

Quilt Square #7

About four years ago, I committed to a vegetarian diet. The choice to drastically reduce my carbon footprint seemed like a no-brainer, given that I already wasn’t a huge fan of most meat. I’ll admit at first it was pretty difficult to resist a nice cheeseburger, but after a month or so those cravings completely disappeared. Since then, in a quest to be even more environmentally friendly, I’ve made some easy switches in terms of reducing my consumption of dairy products, like putting almond milk instead of half and half in my coffee and skipping the cheese in my eggs every now and then. I’ve also started to become much more conscious of where my food comes from, did you know Britain imports 95% of its fruit and over 50% of its vegetables? It’s increasingly necessary to recognize the transportation factor of food footprints.