Amerencia, Skyline High School, Oakland

Quilt Square #30

This picture is of one of my favorite places. Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, CA is my happy place. All throughout COVID, me and my best friend would go on hikes in the woods along this creek. I’m worried that if we continue to have such extreme weather conditions, my favorite path will be flooded, or there will be no creek to enjoy walking by. There was a point a few years ago where the creek was nonexistent. The woods were still pretty, but I missed the calming noise of water trickling through. Another point in that same year my friend and I had to take an alternative route because of how slippery the mud was and the trees that had fallen down because of the rain. 

These quilt works come from teacher Conor Carrolls 2023 chemistry classes at Skyline High School.

Photo by Amerencia.

photo of soaring redwood trees