alameda point bay trail rendering

Landscape Design

WRT is a planning and design firm based in San Francisco and Philadelphia.  The firm’s interdisciplinary team of planners, urban designers, architects, and landscape architects is committed to designing with nature and reinforcing urbanism.

WRT guides the development of projects through a process that depends upon a sound understanding of community values and aspirations, obtained through early and continuous citizen involvement, our national perspective on place-based design, and a commitment to understanding the site-specific opportunities and challenges as a basis for strategic decision-making.

Bay Area & California Resilience & Adaptation Projects


Lead Contacts

John Gibbs, WRT



San Francisco
478 Tehama Street, Suite 2B
San Francisco, CA 94103



Bothin Marsh, Marin County

Relocating the Bay Trail to make it more resilient to sea level rise.

Projected sea level rise at Bothin Marsh.