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Hop on our shortlist of climate adaptation and resilience specialists,
resources, plans, organizations and authorities for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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KneeDeep Times is on an adventure, everywhere our reporters go we discover more people, places, groups, initiatives taking climate change by storm, so to speak.

Our new Resilience Hub is a quick-glance marketplace of ideas and resources digested into manageable bits for casual viewing.

Intimidated by complex websites and interactive tools? Here is a simple place to start.

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Please Note

  • The Resilience Hub is a work in progress, we haven’t forgotten your organization or resource or county, we’re busy experimenting with the different models for each kind of listing: county, business, initiative, guidebook, organization, etc. Feel free to send suggestions.
  • The editors reserve the right to choose who or what is listed, and what information is presented.
  • There is an editorial firewall between the hub and what stories get covered.

Four children in rainboots standing in a line from chests down.

Photo from Ben Wicks, Unsplash. Top Poster: Creative Action Network.

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