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Community Climate Action

Acterra is a nonprofit based in Palo Alto that brings people together to work for local climate solutions. While officially established in 2000, its origins trace back to 1970 when the Peninsula Conservation Center Foundation was founded as a hub for environmental organizations. Acterra itself came into existence through the merger of the Peninsula Conservation Center Foundation and Bay Area Action, a group formed in 1990.

Today, Acterra’s work focuses on four pillars: Beneficial Electrification for All, Food and Climate Change, Education, and Advocacy. They collaborate with community partner organizations to provide educational outreach on all these pillars by developing materials and holding workshops, public lectures, and community events. 

Acterra’s Beneficial Electrification program promotes electric vehicles and electric home appliances through informational workshops, financial incentive clinics, and a free Induction Cooktop Loaner Program. The Food and Climate Change program uses community events and dietary challenges to encourage the adoption of plant-forward diets and offers free consultations to help Bay Area restaurants reduce waste and develop plant-based menus. Acterra also leads the HomeGrown Bay Area coalition, which works with local governments and City Teams to advocate for sustainable local food, zero waste practices, and fair working conditions for food workers across the supply chain. Finally, the Education and Advocacy programs equip middle school teachers with climate change teaching resources and empower student ambassadors and community leaders to take action on local environmental issues. In addition, Acterra provides networking opportunities for people passionate about sustainability through their Green Team Network and Young Professionals Group.

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