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Climate Adaptation: The Basics

Resilient sweet potatoes and stilts on houses remind us how adaptable human beings can be. This graphic guide samples our earliest and most recent history of adaptation.

Less is More In Second Growth Forests

The towering old-growth forests of California’s Redwood National and State Parks attract thousands of visitors per year. But the once-logged and reseeded adjacent forests aren’t so healthy, prompting a restoration initiative.

Big Plans for Big Problems

October brought more than just a very welcome rainstorm to parched and fire-scarred California—it also saw big advances for three major efforts to help the state and the Bay Area plan for a climate-altered future.

Can Wyoming Windmills Mainline Clean Power to California?

The last holdout between California and a new infusion of clean energy–enough to power two million homes–is an unlikely alliance between a Colorado ranch and a flightless bird. Phil Anschutz, former oil prospector and current billionaire, has been hard at work over the last decade-plus planning a project that would build 1,000 wind turbines in Wyoming and route the power to California via a 730-mile transmission line that crosses Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

Coastal Mapping Tool Updated to Include Groundwater

In the past decade sea level rise models have popped up faster than fungi after a storm: today it seems like every agency has one. However in August USGS geologist Patrick Barnard and colleagues at Point Blue Conservation Science unveiled a new feature of their Our Coast, Our Future (OCOF) tool that none of the others have: a projection of how sea level rise will impact local groundwater along the California coast.

Warming to Managed Retreat

To own beachfront property was once a crown jewel of the California dream. Now, many homes at or near the water’s edge are doomed as sea level rises, and for residents, evacuations will be inevitable. In Pacifica, there is talk of moving an entire beachfront neighborhood, and near Bodega Bay, homes have already been abandoned, and roadway managers are breaking ground on rerouting a short but vulnerable stretch of the coastal highway.